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Medical device industry

  A medical device, alone or in combination, means any instrument, instrument, appliance, material or other item, including required software。The medical device industry is knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive, multidisciplinary, challenging and competitive high-tech industry is one of the high-tech manufacturing and advanced level signs。

  Medical equipment has the characteristics of special purpose, expensive and high precision, which makes it almost required to have impact, moisture-proof, rust-proof, sterility and so on during transportation。

  Nordson Packaging meets international and international standards for medical products, provides cost-effective packaging cycles, maximizes cost reduction and efficiency for customers, and uses advanced technical resources to optimize design, reduce packaging volume and weight for transportation and warehousing to reduce cargo damage。Chongqing Nordson Packaging not only provides total packaging solutions for the production and export of medical equipment, but also provides appropriate packaging and testing services。